Idjit's Guide To Installing RabbitMQ on openSUSE 12.1

The RabbitMQ team provides a generic SUSE RPM which works on openSUSE 11.x, openSUSE 12.1, and I presume on the pay-to-play versions of SuSE Enterprise Server. About the only real dependency for RabbitMQ is the erlang platform which is packages in the erlang language repo. So the only real trick is getting the RabbitMQ package itself [from this page].  Then install and start is as simple as:
zypper ar http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/devel:/languages:/erlang/openSUSE_12.1 erlang
zypper in erlang
wget http://www.rabbitmq.com/releases/rabbitmq-server/v2.8.1/rabbitmq-server-2.8.1-1.suse.noarch.rpm
rpm -Uvh rabbitmq-server-2.8.1-1.suse.noarch.rpm
service rabbitmq-server start
Now you probably want to do some configuration and provisioning using the rabbitmqctl command; but your RabbitMQ instance is up and running.

Update 2012-04-10: Updated these instructions to install RabbitMQ 2.8.1.  The later 2.7.x series have start-up script issues as those scripts use the "runuser" command which is not present on openSUSE.  Running the latest RabbitMQ is generally a good idea in any case,  recent versions have corrected several memory leaks and manage resources more efficiently.

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