Consonance Gets A Calendar UI (r470)

Consonance now has a calendar UI for the scheduler tab of the main window. This is a significant milestone; up until now that feature has been very conspicuously absent. I had hoped to be be able to port some code from some other projects but ended up writing the entire widget from scratch. Consonance displayed a calendar event for the first time on 2007-12-30 at 16:33 (GMT). A screenshot is here and also attached to this post. This code is included as of r470.


Horde project leader mentions GroupDAV

Jan Schneider mentions support for WebDAV, CalDAV, and GroupDAV in her blog, here. GroupDAV support in Horde adds thousands, if nor more, compatible servers to the world. Also interesting is the mention of DIMP an AJAX-ified version of IMP. Great news for the Horde and GroupDAV projects.


I've uploaded new OpenGroupware RPMs for openSUSE 10.2. These include the recent improvements in calendar permissions mentioned here. The packages can be downloaded from the OpenGroupware.Org docs plone here.