Enabling the RabbitMQ Management Plugin

Prior to 2.7.x version of RabbitMQ it was necessary to manually install the plug-ins that provided the management interface [as well as their dependencies]. Now in the 2.7.x series the management interface plug-in and related dependencies are included - but not enabled by default.  The management plug-in must be toggled into the enabled state using the new rabbitmq-plugins command.  Enabling a plug-in will automatically enable any other plug-ins that the specified plug-in depends on Whenever you enable or disable a plug-in you must restart the sever.
If you have a brand new 2.7.x instance installed, turn on the plug-in with:
service rabbitmq-server stop
rabbitmq-plugins enable rabbitmq_management
service rabbitmq-server restart
When you performed the rabbitmq-plugins command you should have seen the following output:

The following plugins have been enabled:
You management interface at TCP/55672 should be available.  The initial login and password are "guest" and "guest".  You want to change those.

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  1. Ah, scratched my head over this one for a while. Thanks for the nice tip!