Keeping an OIE Route After Completion

Once an OpenGroupware Integration Engine route has successfully completed it is automatically garbage collected.  This prevents the system from filling up with messages and version information.  But if an external application, like ogo-curses-putter, wants to retrieve the output of the route... it's gone!  To facilitate this use-case the garbage collection can be suppressed per-route by setting the {http://www.opengroupware.us/oie}preserveAfterCompletion property of the route entity with a value of "YES".  If this property value exists the processes derived from that route will not be garbage collected.  The simplest way to set the property is to retrieve the route via "route::get" and use your context's property manager:

from coils.core import *
ctx = AdministrativeContext()
r = ctx.run_command('route::get', name='MTAStockOrder_TEST')
ctx.property_manager.set_property(r, 'http://www.opengroupware.us/oie', 'preserveAfterCompletion', 'YES')
The above will set the value of {http://www.opengroupware.us/oie}preserveAfterCompletion to "YES" for the route named "MTAStockOrder_TEST". The property manager will update the value of the property if such a property already exists, or it will create a new property with the specified value.

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