Sound Converter

A common issue is to have an audio file in one format at to need it in another for compatibility with some specific application or device.  And how to covert the file and know the quality of the result, etc...?  Well... there is a simple application called ... wait for it .... "soundconverter".  It is packaged for just about every distribution and available on openSUSE through the normal repositories.  How obvious can it get?  Apparently not so obvious I couldn't have overlooked it for a long long time.
The soundconverter application.
With soundconverter you can convert between FLAC, MP3, OGG, and WAV.  Add the files you want to covert, use preferences to select the output format, and away you go.  Nice job.

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  1. I love that program. I sometimes forget about it and go with some arcane, unsupported mess that rarely works right without supplying a bunch of configuration values. This just works and it's one of the reasons I love using GNOME (or at least GNOME-related programs).