Manually Adding an ACL To An Object

In OpenGroupware the ACLs applied to an object are stored in the "object_acl" table.  If, for example, I want to add the list, view, read, write, and administer privileges for the team 11,530 for object 1,6829,810 the correct SQL to execute is:
INSERT INTO object_acl
  (object_acl_id, sort_key, action, object_id, auth_id, permissions)
VALUES (nextval('key_generator'), 0, 'allowed', 16829810, 11530, 'lvrwa')
The important points are:
  1. Use the "key_generator" sequence to assign the "object_acl_id" value.  This is the object id of the ACL itself;  all object ids are assigned from the key_generator sequence.
  2. The value of "sort_key" is always 0.  This value isn't actually used for anything.
  3. The value of "action" must be either "allowed" or "denied".  In most cases "allowed" is what you want in order to grant access.
  4. "object_id" is the object id of the object to which the ACL is applied in contrast to "auth_id" is the context to which the privileges, specified in "permissions", are either granted [if "action" is "allowed"] or revoked [if "action" is "denied"].  The value of "auth_id" should be the object id of an account or a team.
  5. The permissions string is always lower case.  Permission flags are documented in WMOGAG.
The ACLs in "object_acl" are the primary access control mechanism for all entities excepting Projects and Appointments.

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