New OGo Help Desk Feature

Enhancement Bug#2027 "Allow help desk users to create tasks on behalf of users" has been resolved as of r2274. This update requires a database schema change -


UPDATE job SET owner_id = creator_id;

The database scripts pg-build-schema.psql and pg-update-1.x-to-5.5.psql have been updated. NOTE: Be careful not to run this part of pg-update-1.x-to-5.5.psql more than once or you risk modifying actual data in your database if you use the OGoHelpDeskRoleName default.

This feature allows a member of the team whose named is defined in the OGoHelpDeskRoleName default to create tasks with an owner other than themselves. Delegated and archived task lists now display tasks based on owner rather than creator. By default the owner is the creator so this has no effect on normal task behaviour. Currently the help desk feature, setting of the owner to another user, is only available via the zOGI API. The modifications to the zOGI API are documented on the Task entity.

If your help desk team name contains spaces be sure to use proper quoting - Defaults write NSGlobalDomain OGoHelpDeskRoleName '"all intranet"' - or you may not get the results you expect. Obviously if you set OGoHelpDeskRoleName to "all intranet" all users will be able to create tasks on behalf of other users.

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