OpenGroupware r2150 & RSS Feeds

As of r2150 OpenGroupware now supports the following RSS 2.0 feeds:
  • projectActions - Reports actions on tasks assigned to projects of which the user is a member either directly or via team membership.
    • http://opengroupware.mormail.com/zidestore/so/${USER}/Tasks/delegated-actions-rss
  • toDoActions - Reports actions on tasks of which the user is an executor either directly or via team membership.
    • http://opengroupware.mormail.com/zidestore/so/${USER}/Tasks/project-actions-rss
  • delegatedActions - Reports actions on tasks created by the user.
    • http://opengroupware.mormail.com/zidestore/so/${USER}/Tasks/todo-actions-rss
By default the 150 most recent task actions are included in the feed; this value can be adjusted by including a "limit" value in the URL.

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