GNOME3 simplified many things.  In the process some settings and preferences got removed from the primary user interface.  A side-effect of that is a fair number of BLOG posts like "Dude where’s my settings?".  Many of these BLOG posts are informative; they explain how to get to the preference value via dconf either by the command line gsettings tool or the GUI dconf-editor [which replaces GNOME2's gconf-editor].  Both of those are good methods. Knowing how to use gsettings in case of an epic-fail situation is a very useful skill to have. On the other hand - most of the settings discussed in these posts can be easily tweaked using the appropriately named gnome-tweak-toolgnome-tweak-tool provides a friendly GUI to a variety of maybe-you-shouldn't-mess-with-this-but-here-we-are kind of preferences.  The gnome-tweak-tool package is available in the standard repositories for openSUSE 12.1

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