Announcing OpenGroupware COILS

I've create a new project on the shiny new SourceForge: OpenGroupware COILS. This is "a re-implementation of the groupware functionality provided by OpenGroupware.org. COILS is parallel installable and is entirely compatible with the Objective-C version 5.5 of OpenGroupware.org". COILS is developed in Python for reasons explained on the Wiki. If you'd like to participate in the development of COILS please join the COILS mail list. I also hang out on the OGo IRC channel on FreeNode. And no, this does not mean I am going to stop working on the Objective-C OGo. But I believe there is a need for a refreshing of the OGo platform (BTW, there is also OGo/J) and there are some ideas I want to explore that really can't be done [easily] in the existing OGo/ObjC codebase.

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