One moment as a gas bag...

Regular visitors will know that I post strictly concerning technological issues; I've got little use for, or desire to be, a pundit of any kind at all. I have a firm belief in experts and on the great debates of our time I've got little or nothing original to add - not that I'd expect anyone to listen even if I did (Why would you? Who am I?). But I just couldn't resist posting a link to OOXML, looking forward. It is concerning Open Source, etc... so it isn't far off the mark of the usual content here, but it is more "big picture" then I usually indulge. Basically the gist of it is here:

But most importantly, it is a time for all of those strong advocates of open standards to stop talking, and start walking. I look forward for all that energy that went into discussing the pros and cons of OOXML to join an open source project and start contributing code, documentation, support, create support forums, file good bug reports and help us make free and open source software better.

The world as a whole could do with less talk. I suppose this applies to almost every conceivable realm from priests and politicians all the way down to the lowly coder. But it is the one thing I can think of that simply can't be said often enough: less talk, more do.

Ok, thank you for that minute, I now yield the podium to the next gas bag.

Footnote: Specifically, an expert is someone whose spent a decade plus dedicated to the study of something, someone who has made some topic their life. They are the kind of people smug freshman like to roll their eyes about. But, in my opinion, it is those all those boring [and focused] and forgotten people who have given us the myriad blessings of technology and the sacred gift of the most unlikely thing of all - civilization. Thank you.

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