NetGear GS716T

I've recently worked with a pair of NetGear GS716T switches and want to warn everyone off from buying these switches. While the price is pretty low and performance is very good, the feature-set is entirely bogus. NetGear advertises these as "smart" switches with VLAN, SNMP, etc... Only all these features are useless as the web interface to configure the switch simply doesn't work and no command line interface (via either telnet or SSH) is provided. If you attempt to configure the switch from FireFox you will be constantly prompted for the password, and you can't actually get past that to make any configuration changes. On the other hand, if you use IE6 you can sign in to the switch but the interface is extremely unstable. On one switch I was unable to even set an IP address, upon clicking "Apply" it would close the browser and revert to using the address it acquired via DHCP. On the other switch it took the IP address but attempting to configure port based VLANs resulted in erratic behavior ranging from hanging, to displaying raw HTML, to renaming all the other VLANs and removing all the ports assigned to other VLANs. The administrative interface of the NetGear GS716T is simply unacceptable; NetGear has clearly not performed even a minimum of quality-control or testing on the GS716T.

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