Improvement to SOPE's PostgreSQL Adaptor

Do you have lots of errors like:

Feb 17 20:39:28 ogo-zidestore-1.5 [14569]: ERROR(+[NSCalendarDate(PostgreSQL72Values) valueFromCString:length:postgreSQLType:attribute:adaptorChannel:]): unexpected string '2007-03-13 15:38:41.420456+00' for date type 'DATE', returning now (expected format: '2001-07-26 14:00:00+02')

in your ZideStore error log? This is because the time & date parser in SOPE's PostreSQL adaptor didn't understand the milliseconds portion of the value. As of SOPE r1601 this should be corrected. SOPE now just ignores the millisecond value. See the diff for details.

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