Important Enhancement To ZideStore

Today Helge committed an important enhancement to ZideStore (the OpenGroupware integration service) that changes the behavior for DAV and GroupDAV calendering clients. An appointment created in a team folder is now read/write for that team and also incorporates the default appointment ACL configured in the user's preferences via the WebUI.

The ChangeLog entries are:
  • Logic/LSAccount/ChangeLog
    • LSSetAppointmentCommand.m/LSNewAppointmentCommand.m: now allows arrays of ids/gids/company-eos in the 'writeAccessList' parameter

  • ZideStore/SoObjects/ZSAppointments/ChangeLog
    • SxAppointmentFolder.m: added a method which returns the default write ACL for new appointments created inside the folder. This ACL consists of the group which belongs to the folder (thereby giving all group members write access) and of the ACL which is configured by the user in his preferences.

    • SxDavAptCreate.m, SxAppointment.m: apply ACL returned by the appointment folders -defaultWriteAccessListInContext: on newly created appointments

This is committed as of revision 1945.

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