Selecting The Default Application

You can set the default application you see when you log into OpenGroupware via the "Display" section of the preferences application. Here you can adjust the order of applications displayed in the dock, as well as remove an application outright. The application which appears at the top of the dock is the application that the OpenGroupware interface will default to when you log in.

For instance, you can set it to the "Calendar".

  1. Log into OpenGroupware.

  2. In the "Misc" dock (menu) on the left of the page click "Preferences"

  3. In the "Preferences Viewer" application click "Display" under "Application Preferences".

  4. Under "Dock" you see the applications that appear in the application dock.

  5. Click the up and down arrow to re-arrange the order of the applications. The application at the top of the list will be displayed automatically when you login to OpenGroupware. If you move the "Calendar" to the top of the list, the calendar will be displayed immediatly when you log in.

  6. When you have completed rearrainging the applications click the "save" button at the bottom of the page.

  7. Click the "Logout" link in the "Misc" dock on the left hand side. You should be returned to the default application you selected once you log back in. If you are using BASIC authentication then you should log back in immediately after clicking "Logout".

NOTE: You will notice a short horizontal line in the dock list under the application icons. This may have applications listed below it. Moving applications beneath this line hides them in the dock (they will still be operational but will not appear for selection). If you don't use a Palm Pilot, for instance, you can move the "Palm Syncronization" application below the line so that it does not appear in the dock.

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